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Formula Kite M
Hereby I declare that the boat (sail number):
POL 32
During the Race No:
Has retired
Brief description of the incident (place, time, involved boats, infringed rule):
On the first upwind leg I tacked from the starboard to port tack. FRA17 was coming on starboard. I started tacking to give him the right of way. When I raised my kite to 12, I was blocked by the rider windward to me, that I am not able to indicate. Therefore I was not able to keep clear from FRA17, altough did my best to avoid the colision. My kite and FRA17 kite tangled. I was dragged in the air, my kite lines broke in the air.

When I landed in the water, the rider windward to me who blocked me sailed further, FRA17 ended with the kite in the water. Due to broken lines I was rescued, FRA17 continued sailing to the beach.

Considering I am not able to indicate person who did not give me the right of way when I was trying to keep clear from FRA17, I retire from the race.