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Received Date: Race: Class Sail Number: Skypper's Name:
25-04 21:51:42 1 FORMULA KITE M GER 23 Florian Gruber
Current Score/Place: Place/Score believed to be correct:
4 3

Other boats/boards finishing nearby (give numbers and relative finish to you) Additional Comments:
It is proved by 59 scoring enquirer That he was in the first race place 4 and behind me He also write it down Also number 1 is proving that I was behind him How you coming to the solution? Ist there a video? Because all included persons say 1st 44 2nd 1 3rd 23 4th 59 And we are all sure this is correct So how you come to a completely different result which is not right!

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Result: None, score is believed accurate Comments:
Posted: 25-04 23:20:55