Scoring Enquiry


Received Date: Race: Class Sail Number: Skypper's Name:
27-04 15:12:42 5 ILCA 7 CAN217718 James Juhasz
Current Score/Place: Place/Score believed to be correct:
Bfd 28

Other boats/boards finishing nearby (give numbers and relative finish to you) Additional Comments:
Marked BFD but was not on the board. I have a similar sail number to ARU 217178 (I am 217718) and Aruba was on the board after the race however is not marked as BFD on the current results.

Scoring Enquiry Decision:

Result: Comments: The correct number posted on the race committee vessel is ARU 217178 Can 217178 is not bfd
From: Bfd Corrected to:
Posted: 27-04 16:46:16