Scoring Enquiry


Received Date: Race: Class Sail Number: Skypper's Name:
28-04 20:21:56 14 iQFOiL Men POL 23 Maciej Rutkowski
Current Score/Place: Place/Score believed to be correct:
BFD 19

Other boats/boards finishing nearby (give numbers and relative finish to you) Additional Comments:
POL 636 SVK 2 POL 82 FRA 7 After the initial general recall three sailnumbers (SUI601, GER 404 and POL72) were written down on the blackboard of the RC vessel as BFD. POL23 was not listed as BFD, sailed the race and finished 18th, listed both on the finishing list and results sheet. After 3-4 hours the R14 result was incorectly changed to BFD.

Scoring Enquiry Decision:

Result: None, score is believed accurate Comments: Pol 23 was over the line at the start. Rc made a mistake and incorrectly put POL. 72 on the board. According to rule 90.3 c, I have scored pol 23 bfd for this race.
Posted: 28-04 20:28:54